Minus One

by The KVB



Written & recorded at home in 5 days by Nicholas Wood in January 2011, 'Minus One' was originally released as a digital only 6 track EP in May 2011, it was then issued on cassette (limited to 100 copies) on Canadian tape label Sans Issue Editions in December 2012 before being pressed to vinyl in November 2013 by 'A' Recordings LTD.


released November 18, 2013

All songs written & recorded by The KVB, 2011/2012.

Artwork by The KVB


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Again & Again
Sinking into the mire, because you hung me out to dry
Now i’m looking for some new fun, a place to lose my head

Shooting up in circles, saving for every drop
I’m trying but the truth hurts, the pain hurts, with every word, every word
Track Name: Something Inside
Yesterday, i found a place
Something inside i never had
It turned the world upside down to me
It turned my life inside out
Another day came and passed me by
Stuck inside this hole
You came around and you talked to me
The greatest friend i ever had

And now how things have changed for good
Cause now i have a name, i cant forget
Track Name: Passing By
Writing in darkness, a list of things to do
But you’re crying in silence and no one hears
Because they’re sleeping

Oh no never again
Will the tears fall and stain our world

Hoping the words come as quick as the time, passes by
Now we’re waiting, for a new place to rest our heads
And sleep for days
Track Name: Live Or Die
I hear the sounds in dreams, separated by all fears
I see a distant light, but for this time it shines too bright

Oh i wanna just wake up, i wanna feel alive
I need to be brave, it’s time to live or die

I held it in my hands, slipped away i just felt glad
No time to laugh or cry, only time to die or fight

Oh i wanna just wake up, i wanna feel alive
I need to be brave, it’s time to live or die
Track Name: Endless
Blessed with mind and blessed with soul
The best of things we never had
Up and down, but in control
Never good and never bad

Running round, an endless track
There’s no time, for you to hide away
Track Name: Dominance / Submission
Excited like a child, you need it more than life
You need it more than you’ll ever know

Brainless like a shell, this pain comes and keeps you down
Untie those hands behind your back

Dreaming inside out, the day comes and brings you down
You’re crying, your world is oh so down

Follow through the crowd, the bright lights wear you out
Don’t tell me it’s not what you had in mind
Track Name: Kill The Lights
Twist the knife and hold on tight as it
Slips inside, slowly starts to bleed
I don’t mind, i’ve seen it all before
In another life, i’ve through this worse

And the spit it tastes good and the leather burns

Kill the lights and don’t be afraid
Of the dark, It’s really just as good
Every night, slowly eats away
At my heart, fading with the days

And the spit it tastes good and the leather burns, my soul
Track Name: Radiant Hour
Start again in another place
It’s on my mind, a place to fly
Trapped inside for another night
I wont lie, it’s too late to cry

She’s breaking down the door again
Come in and see, what’s left of me
You wake me up to another day
Just leave me be and let me dream

You don’t know what it’s like
To be so lost without a light, to see

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