The Black Sun (Demo EP)

by The KVB

When i look in your eyes, my mind it fills me with hate, its like seeing a mirror because i know you feel the same. And so when i reach out, there's nothing ever there. Does it feel the same, or would you like to take my place. Oh its so easy, when you know your nothing because nothing ever changes, till it all falls down. You keep running away, i keep falling apart. When i lay down to dream, im tired but i cant sleep. I think im stuck here forever, i cant see no way out. I tried to reach out, but the hand it pulled away and its so familiar, because it happens every day.
I've got a head full of sin, because im dying to live. You got the black in your heart and its all that i want. And its all that i see and its all that i need to feel tonight. You try to creep me out, and know im right and i know what you want, but you cant have it all. I got the devil on my back, keep moving and don't turn back. You got those lies on your lips, dead to your fingertips.
A silver net of happiness, as the tears you cried, they start to go. And you start to feel the life, the flesh, it pulls apart your head, your soul. its crooked. Now you're pinned down to the end, its the end of all your hope. You've waited for so very long, so just shut your eyes and wait to feel. And its all too much, because its never enough. Outside, where the sky it closes in, this sense of wealth is all just lies and sin. You walk away and try to forget this, you think how special it is to be just dead And its all too much, because its never enough. Now its all your fault, as you slip away.


Originally released in 2010 as a limited edition demo cassette on FLA, now sold out.

Format: C28
Limited Edition of 36
Free Loving Anarchists /// FLAO35
released 17 May 2010
all music written and recorded by The KVB


released May 17, 2010

All songs written and recorded by Nicholas Wood in 2010 on Fostex Tape Recorder.


all rights reserved


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